Teatro Branding

For this project, I designed a logo and graphics for Teatro Del Sale, a Florentine theater that also specializes in a buffet-style dining service. The location itself was small, cozy, and filled with whimsical illustrations. I wanted to insert some of these environmental observations in my designs. Here are a few products using a warm-colored branding language. 


Since this theater specializes in both physical plays and masterfully-crafted dishes, I wanted to exemplify two shows that were happening: the culinary scene and the performance itself. In order to explore the interaction of the two shows happening simultaneously, I used circles and squares as stages and frames. I was also intrigued by the architecture of the theater itself, and thus incorporated arches into the final design. In order to find a logo that was both compelling and versatile, I placed the logo in different applications such as poster and menu designs.

Promotional material: event poster and business cards.

Promotional material: monthly poster and tote bag