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This is Not My Home

This is Not My Home is based off a story of a friend who had to move to Taiwan. She was angry and discontent the whole time. 

After working on the story with my friend Vivienne, we are so excited to introduce you to this picture book! It is being published by the wonderful Little, Brown, Hachette on January 24, 2023 and it will be available in all major booksellers (Barnes and Noble, Indies, Target... etc). Please check it out as it is my very first picture book!


"It is rare for a book of so few words to pack such an emotional wallop. A truly exceptional debut."

-Booklist (starred review)

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"With humor and empathy, the simple storyline and vivid illustrations convey Lily’s challenges at her new school and her struggles with jet lag, the Chinese language, and socializing. Embraces “home” as a journey as well as a destination"

– Kirkus Reviews


"This is a simple, unpretentious book that understandingly and empathically talks about something that everyone has to face sometimes: changes.

The elegant simplicity of the illustrations accurately accentuates what is the most important, without turning to excessive talkativeness. This formal restraint makes the book readable even to quite young children. A wonderful, positive story imbued with patience and love. It was one of the two major runners for the main prize - and very close to win it."

"This author illustrator team has created a delightful twist on an age-old childhood dilemma.

Moving is always a bittersweet occurrence, so Lily’s mom makes a game out of telling Lily about their upcoming move to Taiwan. Extremely resistant to the idea, Lily is full of what-abouts. The illustrations are exquisite, colorful and very detailed. Visual learners will appreciate how well the illustrations tell the story."

– School Library Connection


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