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Graphic Novel

In the spring of 2020, I had the privilege of studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Here is a 188 page graphic novel documenting my time abroad, stuffing my face with gelato and feeling nostalgic for the future. My trip abroad was cut short because of the pandemic, but it was good experience nonetheless. 

The graphic novel sketchbook travel journal was written as a letter to a friend who was supposed to travel with me but couldn't due to a passport mishap. In this book-letter, I tried to tell her everything I observed from the strange lamp posts to the Chinese tourist ban. From ignoring pigeons eyeing my panini to buying last minute tickets before the border shut down. It is a story about being lonely, missing someone and loving a place so much it hurts to leave.


Selected comic chapters from the book

dear reader.jpg
sistine chapel.jpg
meatball waltz copy.jpg
unused phrases.jpg
nutella crepe.jpg
catherine's prophecy.jpg
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