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Dong Dong Do Treasury

For my senior capstone project, I created a 72-paged book titled Dong Dong Do Treasury. This treasury includes four short stories from East Asia and interlaces them together through reoccuring animal characters and unified themes. I was drawn to each of these stories because they were witty, humorous, and occasionally frightening. From China, the treasury features the classic lore of the Jade Rabbit, from Taiwan, I chose a childhood favorite: Hu Gu Po. From Japan, we are visited by the lovable Bunbuku Chagama, and from Korea, an adventurous rabbit outwits a doctor turtle. The illustrations are done in watercolor, color pencil, and sometimes touched up with ink and pastel. I used eggshell 70C felt paper from Neenah and coptic bound it to a laser cut blue book cloth. The empty center circle on the cover casts shadows, mimicking the waxing and waning of the moon.

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Dong Dong Do Spread_10.jpg
Dong Dong Do Spread_1.jpg
Dong Dong Do Spread_3.jpg
Dong Dong Do Spread_2.jpg
Dong Dong Do Spread_4.jpg
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