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Fliers and Posters Archive

Over the course of this college semester, I have obtained positions that require me to produce fliers and posters for various clubs. 

Ursa's september monthly calendar.jpg
pancake party poster.jpg
potential ursa nightlife extravaganze po
november calendar URSA's 2018.jpg
dumplings flier thing.jpg
friendsgiving poster.jpg
china care club cakepop poster.jpg
smores indoors ursa poster.jpg
china care cakepop october
TSO flyer.jpg
TSO cross strait poster attempt 1.jpg
ten ten flier_.jpg
silent disco poster ursa's extravagenza.
TSO build your own boba.jpg
TSO lantern festival flier.jpg
in between poster idea without lines.jpg
TSO bobalicious.jpg
ten ten poster 2019.jpg
string theory ursa poster.jpg
ursa's coffee shop poster.jpg
chinese yoyo but in a grid.jpg
new china care poster_.jpg
yoyo sticker design.jpg
URSA's friends giving poster.jpg
ursa's poster astrology event copy.jpg
ursa's paint night copy.jpg
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