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Freshman/ Sophomore College ARCHIVES

Oh goodness me, you've wandered deep into the past. I was obsessed with things that moved and played music back as a freshman and sophomore college student. I was not very good at documentation, so unfortunately, these terrible photographs and videos are the only remains of my labor. These projects are actually a little bit unnerving, but I have to admit that these are probably some of the best things I made in college.



Mix media music box that combines watercolor, cookie tins, pastel, wooden poles, foil wrappers, acrylic paint, lace, a music box, washy tape, and a Pringles Can. Final product plays music and spins.

Bird Waltz


Mix media installation combines watercolor on arches paper, wood, acetate, and tea lights. Gears made by using the laser cutter.

TO WATCH THIS VIDEO WITH MUSIC click on the music note on the bottom right hand corner.

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